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My name is Theo Bruinsma and a
s National Secretary I am in the office 3 days a week on average and also have a part time teaching position. I first became involved with "OSL" after a serious search for an improved quality of life for my wife. This search included medical and other treatments to find a reason for her failing health. During this process I also discovered some of my shortcomings. After learning of the potential for, and experiencing healing and restoration in both our lives and the life of our family, we resolved to join the
"OSL", an organization that ministers to people who are searching for peace of mind, restoration of emotional wellbeing, and substantial if not complete physical healing.


"OSL" is a world-wide, interdenominational body of Believers who confess that the healing of body, mind and spirit is a central part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, presenting this in a balanced and dignified biblical manner through its services and teachings.


If, after having browsed this web site you think the "OSL" may have something to offer you, please contact us through any of the options available and we will do all that is humanly possible to enlist Godís help, guidance and blessing on your behalf.


May God bless you in your search for restoration and wholeness,

Theo Bruinsma.

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