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 As part of its mission “OSL” seeks to provide information and support to a wide range of people all over Australia and beyond.  To this end it produces a quarterly magazine called “Healing Contact” which contains inspirational messages from the National Chaplain, National Secretary and others.  It is also a means by which individuals can share personal testimonies of healing that can encourage others on their own journey towards healing and wholeness.

  • A key teaching resource used by “OSL” is the outstanding book titled ...

    "Sent to Heal: A Handbook on Christian Healing”

    ...written by the OSL’s Development and Education Officer, The Reverend Dr. Harold Taylor.  After serving in suburban parishes in Melbourne as a Uniting Church minister, Harold worked for sixteen years in cross-cultural ministry in Papua New Guinea and later served as a Senior Lecturer at the Bible College of Victoria.  This book is an indispensable reference text combining a blend of information and teaching that is comprehensive and enlightening. 

    “Sent to Heal: A Handbook on Christian Healing” is a must have for anyone undertaking serious study of Christian Healing.  To read a review written by Professor Brian Edgar, click here.    
        “OSL” has also produced a number of smaller study books dealing with Healing and             
          Wholeness that are designed for both personal and group study. 
These books have proven to be invaluable for many groups wanting to extend their
            understanding of, and participation in, Christian Healing. 

          The following 3 books are now available for $10 each including postage within Australia   

          "In Search of Wholeness - a Christian Perspective"  by Rev Dr Peter Wellock                                          "Channels of Healing - studies for the people of God" by Bp Owen Dowling                                          "Searching Questions on Healing - a Christian Perspective" by Bp Owen Dowling                     

            Book Orders     - by email to oslaust@bigpond.com
                                         or mobile 0457 873273 (National Secretary)

 In addition to the provision of printed materials, “OSL” also conducts conferences and training seminars throughout Australia, drawing together a range of speakers who provide timely insights into Healing and Wholeness. 

Local Chapters of OSL” regularly hold Healing Services throughout Australia, and for those who are in search of Healing and Wholeness, these services provide an opportunity to be ministered to by members of the OSL.  To find the Chapter nearest you, use the applicable contact details for the State Secretary or State / Regional Chaplain provided on the Contacts page of this website or contact The National Secretary on mobile 0457 873273 email: oslaust@bigpond.com

OSL” is committed to doing all it can to provide individuals and Churches with resource material and encouragement in their exploration of Healing and Wholeness from the Christian perspective.  If you would like to receive a visit or to contact a representative of the OSL, use the contact details for the State Secretary or State Chaplain nearest you.  These contact details are provided on the Contacts page of this website.

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