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  • Past National Warden, Canon Jim Holbeck, has launched an inspirational Blog which OSL Healing Ministries is pleased to recommend.  The Blog is updated regularly and can be accessed here.
  • The Order of St. Luke the Physician in Australia is now officially known as OSL Healing Ministires, following the launch of the Trademark name and logo as seen above, together with the revised OSL Handbook, at the 50th Anniversary celebrations held at Golden Grove in Sydney.  The then National Chaplain, The Reverend Dr. Peter Wellock offered a Dedication Prayer saying...

               Most holy Lord, the ground of our being, our redeemer and healer, we dedicate to you this handbook, logo and brochure.  We give thanks for those who have laboured to prepare and produce them.  We earnestly pray that you will inspire us to use them creatively in our healing ministries to bring hope and wholeness to many.  Lord, bless our Order of St. Luke, sustain the members with your love, and in your good time, welcome us into that Kingdom where sickness, pain and death are no more.  We ask these things in the name of Jesus and in the strength of your Holy Spirit.

    The 50th Anniversary Celebrations were a tremendous success and a time of refreshment, challenge and inspiration.  Most speakers were recorded and for those who were unable to attend, the audio has been uploaded to this website so that you can download MP3 copies of the talks/presentations to listen to.  Click here to go to the Inspirational MP3 Audio page to download.

  • OSL Healing Ministries is pleased to recommend the following recently published book that brings Sermon Notes of the late Canon Jim Glennon into an easily readable daily devotional format.

    Healing_is_a_Way_of_Life_cover"Healing is a Way of Life", a compilation of Canon Jim's talks edited by Zillah Williams, a freelance editor and published author, also comes with the recommendation of The Right Reverend Stuart Robinson, Bishop of Canberra and Golburn, who writes in the Foreword of the book...

          "I warmly commend 'Healing is a Way of Life'.  The helpful systematic layout, biblical focus and clear illustrations assist in shaping our view on wholeness and healing.  This is a thoughtful and accessible volume that should be read widely and revisited regularly."

      Click here to go to the book Website.
  • Doctors seek to prove miraculous healing at a recent conference...  ASSIST News reports

    "Delegates to the conference, 60 percent of whom came from Ukraine, were welcomed by Dr. Yoon-Seok Chae, a surgeon from Seoul, South Korea, who is also president of the World Christian Doctors Network (WCDN).

    “The same miracles, signs and wonders performed 2,000 years ago are still taking place even today,” he asserted in his talk.

    He went on to say, “The World Christian Doctors Network was organized to medically analyze divine healing cases performed by God, clarify the data before and after the healing and testify with those data that God is alive and the Bible is authentic, and therefore to awaken not only unbelievers but intellectual people including medical doctors and scientists as well.”   Read more...

  • Mrs Trudy Sharman  provides a welcoming environment for those wishing to have 'time out' at the OSL's healing retreat, Allansifed, on Phillip Island in Victoria.  The decor and ammenities have been updated and feedback from those who have taken a break at the retreat are extremely positive and complimentary. Why not consider a stay at Allansfield soon?  Booking enquiries can be made by emailing "Allansfield"  To check out the Allansfied page on this website - click here
  • A book of recollections of Jim Glennon
    OSL Australia is happy to promote the recent publication of a book of recollections of Canon Jim Glennon, known and loved by many within OSL world-wide.  Details of how to purchase the book are included below, together with an introductory comment on the book... 

    "Healing as a ministry was central to Jesus Christ but, sadly, on the periphery of what the Church is about today. Jim Glennon’s discovery of its significance is the concern of this book as it studies the remarkable life of a pioneer in the practice of healing."
    - Lord Carey of
    Clifton, Former Archbishop of Canterbury.

    Title: A Healing Ministry: My Recollections of Canon Jim Glennon

    Author: Eavis, Sid

    About the author: Sid Eavis was born in England and worked as an engineer. He and his family emigrated to Australia in 1970. In 1987 his wife, Jenny, was diagnosed with cancer and not given much hope by the medical profession. Introduced to Jim Glennon - first through his books and then at St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney - Jenny was healed. The couple became part of the Healing Ministry team themselves, with a special ministry to cancer sufferers and their carers. Both studied at Moore Theological College and are lay readers in the Diocese of Sydney, Australia. They were close friends with Jim Glennon until he passed away in 2005. Sid and Jenny live in Balgowlah, Sydney and have four children and five grandchildren. - Publisher. 

    Publisher: Bookbound Publishing

    ISBN-10: 0980333008
    ISBN-13: 9780980333008

    Year Published: 2007

    Binding: Paperback

    Price:  $10.00 on-line from http://www.bookworm.com.au/shop/scditem.asp?ProdID=136589

    Also available from Koorong 

  • Recently a famed Heart Surgeon stunned a gathering of his peers by stating that a patient of his had been raised from the dead with prayer.  For the full story click here  The Surgeon concerned is Dr. Chauncey. W. Crandall M.D., F.A.C.C. - Cardiology.  Dr. Crandall's scientific research has been published in several medical journals which include: The Journal of the American College of Cardiology; Circulation; The Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation; and The European Heart Journal. Dr. Crandall has received substantial monetary grants for research projects, conducted numerous research studies and has been site investigator on various clinical trials.  To view more of his creditials and current area of work click on the following link to Palm Beach Cardiovascular Clinic and then click on 'meet our physicians' to view his bio. 
  • Is Medical Science considering 'Prayer' as a valid form of 'treatment'? There have been some interesting discussions amongst the medical fraternity of late and for those interested in engaging with medical professionals about the subject of prayer etc., the following links to a Supplement of the Medical Journal of Australia may be of interest

    Prayer as medicine: how much have we learned?

    Spirituality, religion and health: evidence and research directions

    The importance of spirituality in medicine and its application to clinical practice

    Source page from the on-line Medical Journal
  • And this link to an American Journal which asked the question...

    Does God answer Prayer ?
  • Anyone with material they think is worthy of sharing with others interested in the Healing Ministry are invited to send it to the Webmaster for consideration of possible inclusion in the News section of the website

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