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“Today there is renewed interest in the healing ministry and a growing concern for it to be taken seriously, and restored to the life of the church, rather than being a fringe interest.  There is also a general acceptance of healing as wholeness, although there are some differences as to what this actually means.

           However, when it comes to the content and practice of any healing ministry, there are wide differences in approach and understanding.  These differences often cause confusion and misunderstanding among those who are involved or interested in the healing ministry.  Many Christians feel comfortable with one particular emphasis and become confused by different approaches, each which usually claims to be based on particular interpretation of the Bible.

           One of the aims of the Order of St. Luke is to help people to understand some of these different approaches to the healing ministry, and to encourage discussion among those who are actively involved in health and healing, so that they will appreciate the work of others who may approach the work of healing quite differently from themselves.” 

Taylor,H. (2007) p. 76,  Sent to heal. A handbook on Christian healing.  Roseville, MN: Speedwell Press


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